Monday, January 9

Weekend #2

I have an instagram picture of kimchi fried rice on my iPhone that I am reluctant to delete. But before that, how was your second weekend of 2012?

Mine was filled with good fooding and even better company just like what as what my horoscope expected. Nah, not really. I reckon my weekly horoscope should read something along the lines of “By Sunday midday, Venus will cross Mars and you will start to feel like a fatty bom bom. Watch your expenses as food intake will cause a Juputer-sized hole in your pocket.”

But I am not complaining.

Especially not when I get to spend Saturday brunch at Ding Tai Fung, downing xiao long baos with Zee and Diana.

Before crossing over to Canele for Apple Crumble and Praline Noisette ice cream, and an overhaul-ed Le Royale.

I can't complain about early dinner at Auntie Kim’s either. I know many people prefer Kim’s Family Restaurant but that place is a little too grungy and rowdy for a relaxing Saturday night. Plus we know we can always score a table at 6pm.

Auntie Kim's kimchi fried rice. For a fried rice nut, it sure took me long enough to discover this. Adding a fried egg on just about anything just takes it to the next level in my heart. It is slightly sticky but the rice grains were firm and full-bodied; I can just imagine the wholesome delicious of the dish when you pierce the runny yolk and let me seep between the full-bodied rice grains.

Haemul pajeon, pan-fried seafood and scallion pancake that we ordered out of greed. It was a little starchy but tasty especially with that msg-ish soy dunking sauce. We took half of it back for dinner the next day and you know what, paired with kewpie mayonnaise, it was even better than what we had the night before. Go try it, seriously.

Clear beef soup with gingko nuts and chestnuts. I’m so glad we ordered this instead of the usual kimchi stew. Filled with loads of tender toothsome beef short rib, glass noodles and egg. Good stuff.

I wore jeans for the first time in years. I have always hated the way jeans felt - as if they were sausage casings. But these dark indigo skinny jeans from Dorothy Perkins were such a surprise find; it even has a elastic waistband that can take me from buffet to baby bump.

On Sunday, we went back to my parents’ place for lunch as my mum made mee rebus and kong pak bau.

Clearly a low-carb, low fat diet wasn't past of my New Year resolution.

We brought pastries from Flor Patisserie for dessert. Our favourite, the Wakakusayama was a airy light green tea swiss roll filled with red bean cream; the Strawberry Soufflé was truly the antithesis of a heavy, dense cheesecake; and a mango cheese tart that had an unobvious mango flavour but was still really pleasant.

All in all, the harbinger of a slothy Sunday afternoon. Then again, I'm complaining.


zee said...

i LOVE those flats! where're they from? :)

p.s. saturday was lovely! so happy to have seen you two.

yixiao said...

They are from miu miu. It's always nice catching up with you both :)