Sunday, January 8

Zhen Jie Dessert . Ah Balling

If you clicked on my “sweet-toothed” label, you would find an adventurous repertoire of tarts, cake and ice cream and PS Café. Chinese desserts? Hmm, could live without them.

Though full, there seemed to be just enough space in our stomachs for some sweet soups desserts. What can I say? Zhen Jie Dessert . Ah Balling (Amoy Street Food Centre, #02-113) serendipitously happened to be there at the right place at the right time.

Evidently, Zhen Jie is known for their Ah Balling and what I like about this store is the freedom of choice. You have about 7 different types of fillings and soups to choose from, and you can choose to have either 4 or 6 Ah Ballings. I love variety even if it is variety’s sake as I always stick to familiar favourites.

The peanut and black sesame Ah Ballings in ginger soup was pretty good. Each Ah Balling collapsed lazily into the soup with a nibble though the skin seemed thicker, more mochi-like than your average glutinous rice ball - perhaps this is because they were homemade?

Bean Curd Barley with Gingko Nuts is something I never sought for as most out there are just watered down sweet soups with lackluster filling. Mum spun an old maids’ tale about how beancurd skin is good for the baby’s complexion and I fell for it hook, line and sinker.

Slightly softened gingko nuts, with a healthy supple of beancurd skin and barley. Whoa, I loved this! It was a fulfilling lovely treat I could have everyday even if there were no perceived aesthetic benefits for the baby.

Now that my curiosity and appetite have both been piqued, I can't wait to try the black sesame and peanut paste as well as their orh nee.

Chinese desserts? Mmm, could learn to love them!

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