Wednesday, January 11

Han Kee - fish soup for the soul

I have got to admit, several days of heavy eating was causing my system to crave for something light. It had after all, not experienced real hunger since Christmas.

I once walked past Han Kee (Amoy Street Food Centre, #02-129) at 11:20am on a weekday and was shocked to find a 10-person queue. Were their bosses on leave or something? This time around, I was there at 10:10am and 5 minutes later, $5 netted me a bountiful bowl of plump, fresh fish slices.

The soup tastes of pure flavour and dedication. Every day, to make their soup, the owner would boil the bones of the batang fish for five hours – which is how long their opening hours are too.

For someone who craves spicy, sourish things these days, this bowl of light, clean-tasting fish soup from Han Kee was the perfect antidote to my long-suffering system.

The auntie taking orders was rather friendly too; when I went back again to takeaway for my mum, she gave me a knowing smile, as if to say, "It's ok, others have returned as soon as they are done for a second bowl too."

Damn, if only I had done that.

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