Saturday, October 8

Betrothal Gift Exchange (过大礼)

Perhaps the first official sign that we will be married in less than two weeks’ a week was the betrothal gift exchange (过大礼) that took place last Sunday. These websites do a better job of explaining the significance of said custom but these days, it’s more about formality and to remind us – Internet generation who is more loyal to Steve Jobs than our actual jobs - of our Chinese roots.


Kw’s parents were very sweet – they even bothered to check what type of cakes my parents like. However, instead of Chinese pastries cum biscuits, we took on a modern approach for the wedding cakes and chose Juchheim’s Baumkuchen. Did you know that the Baumkuchen is popular present for wedding guests in Japan as the rings symbolise longevity and prosperity? How super apt, thinks this Nippon-phile.


To prepare for it, our parents scouted People’s Park Complex where proprietors took every opportunity to push for the seemingly most random gifts like plain silk pyjamas that symbolise fidelity in a marriage.

I know...


Led by our trusty “mei po”, aunty chiah ming, who mobilized her domestic brood for this special occasion, the entire occasion was such a hoot! Even Soba and Toro wanted in on the festivities, though they were probably hanging around for wedding cake crumbs.


Lisa said...

I love traditions. I hope you have a lovely wedding day.

yx said...

Thank you, lisa!