Monday, January 2

Fresh Fish Seafood Soup, Sembwang Hills Food Centre

One unusually blah Saturday morning, we trolled Sembawang Hill Food Centre for something to dapao home for lunch. My cat-ish curiosity got the better of me when I spied a few people queuing up for Fresh Fish Seafood Soup (Sembawang Hill Food Centre, #01-36) and others around the store were having steaming bowls of fresh fish soup with instant noodles (aka one of my greatest loves).

Screw takeway, I was having mine on the spot.

Just 5 minutes later, I forgot all about the blazing heat and tucked excitedly into a steaming bowl of soup that was light but surprisingly flavourful filled with supremely fresh chunks of fish and noodles that were barely cooked initially but softened as we ate along.

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