Saturday, July 10

Egg Mayo #1

When K made egg mayo sandwich for breakfast the other day, I tried to play Robin to his Batman but failed miserably - the eggs were too darn hot to be peeled!

With just eggs (duh), mayo (double duh), butter, salt and pepper, I couldn’t believe how good the sandwich tasted. Well of course, you might think one can’t go very wrong with mayo and butter (I could prepare something for you). This is teamwork for you - with my contribution taking place out of the kitchen.


I'm pretty egg-cited as we have grand ideas for sprucing up the egg mayo sandwich. Yes, we are bringin' sexy back to the dorky egg mayo sandwich, putting the yo! in the mayo. What Glee did for school choirs, we are going to do for the egg mayo sandwich.

Here's to more egg mayo weekends.


Ivan said...

You can peel the eggs underwater in a bowl (the shells will float away) or roll them out (cracking the shells) on a tea towel.

Oh yes, use a fork to mash the eggs to get a smoother filling. :)

Other suggestions:

- Traditionally chopped spring onions and/or Celery is added for a crunch and a pep to the taste.

- You can stir in some powdered mustard to the Mayonnaise.

- For a spicy mix, try some curry powder.

- Add shredded (roast) chicken (excellent with the curry powder in the mix).

Yixiao said...

hey ivan, i like my egg mayo chunky... noted on the mustard and roast chicken =)

Diana said...

I love egg mayo sandwich too.. inspired to make some for breakfast tomorrow!

Yixiao said...

better stock up on the mayo, babe!

ivan said...

Chunky? I'm shocked! Shocked, I tell you!