Thursday, July 15

Scratch my Sketch Itch


I’m sorry I’m just not of those Come, let’s enjoy the great outdoors Pollyanna kind of girl. I realised I have been missing out on a lot in life without a TV in my room. Unworthy as it might sound, one of my hedonistic needs is to couch-potato in front of a telly with a 'delivery' pizza and pint of ice cream (another is picnicking in hotel rooms but I will save that for another post).


Over Italian sweet pastries and homemade gelatos, we sketched out how the layout of my new room should be on the table – relax, it’s only mahjong paper. Then, in caffeine and sugar high, we went home to make a reality out of our sketch.

Come this Saturday, a few phone calls and emails later, I would be a proud mama to a brand new TV.


Zee said...

May I know where that gorgeous bombshell of a tiramisu is from?! I would like to meet her.

Tv plus bed = aaahhh :)

Yixiao said...

babe, this tiramisu is from riciotti =)

zee said...

OOH! let's go back again some time please ;) great place for girly conversations (the one at riverwalk). and the pastas are good too! i went 2 weeks ago with lyd and sue-ann

Yixiao said...

we could always pop by deste too =)