Monday, November 16

Toshi Yoroizuka & Sadaharu Aoki, Tokyo

It had to be done.

Somebody had to take these pretty cakes, plunge his fork in and declare their sacred delicateness fit for an afternoon splurge.

But before the carnage...


At a very apt location, outside the 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT at Tokyo Midtown, we tucked into edible works - handcrafted pastries from Toshi Yoroizuka & Sadaharu Aoki. The weather looks fantastic but it was actually so cold that day.


At 2:45pm, I was most pleased to see a lack of queue outside Toshi Yoroizuka but before breaking into my victory dance, the guy manning the front (door biatch?) told me to leave my name down and return at 5:15pm for a seat inside the patisserie.

5 – friggin – 15.


Because I don’t have a habit of practicing delayed gratification, especially when the lovelies are IN FRONT OF ME, we picked up three slices and moved onto Sadaharu Aoki.


Toshi Yoroizuka's chocolate mousse, tarte tartin and choux pistachio were feverishly exquisite. Between the three, my favourite was …. Wait, I can’t do that. Don’t make me choose - that would be like picking favourites among my kids.


On my last trip to Tokyo, I loved Sadaharu's genmaicha eclair and had rather high hopes for his cakes. This time round, we picked up his Mille Feuille and Mont D’or.

The Mille Feuille was easy to love. Impossible to eat with a fork without spattering precious crumbs all over, we ate the Mille Feuille with our hands - and don’t we all know the power of eating something with our hands.

However, the Mont D’or’s flavours were mish-mashed and not as clear cut as the Mille Feuille or any of Yoroizuka's. The pastries were good but with Toshi Yoroizuka in the picture, Sadaharu's slices were "not as", as in not as delicate, not as harmonious and not as gratifying.


When I came home on Saturday, my younger sister kindly informed me, your face looks rounder.

Though I knew these five pastries had something to do with that, I replied, it’s due to a lack of sleep.


Amy said...

hi! i found your blog randomly and just wanted to give you props on the gorgeous food pictures...

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yixiaooo said...

thanks for visting, amy =)

caramelcorn said...

u should have checked out toshi yoroizuka live desserts.. something like 2am..
he was once pastry chef for the belgium royalty..