Saturday, November 14

Harbs, Tokyo

It was the day we nearly went ka-put with cake. Before our five pastries at Tokyo Midtown, we had HARBS’ cakes at Roppongi Hills.


HARBS specializes in seasonal fruit cakes, pies and tarts though I do remember seeing a couple of chocolate offerings that would appease cocoa-locomos. They were massive compared to the delicate treats of Toshi Yoroizuka and Sadaharu Aoki. But while both were huge in size, they were light in texture and taste.

But anyway, tis’ the season to have marron (chestnuts) in Japan and HARBS boasted marron bounty such as marron pie, marron tart, marron glace cake, marron cake etc.


We had their marron crepe cake. Marron mille crepe with ethereal crepes layered with diced marron, praline and mixed cream. I never understood the fuss about chestnuts till I stepped foot in Japan. And now, I’m just marron crazy. Did you know that their McD’s has a Maroon McFlurry to commemorate the season?


The poire pie was made up of pear compote, custard cream and a flaky puff pastry shell. This seemed normal enough (I'm beginning to take feather-light custard cream for granted) until I hit the fragrant white sesame-infused pastry tart shell.

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lyn said...

Your blog, right now is a god send. I've only started planning for my 8 day trip to Tokyo next week and it's been arduous!

I love anything sweet and decadent so being able to read about them and also see the pictures is a god send.

Will you be posting more yummy reviews from tokyo ;) ?

yixiaooo said...

hey lyn, this is my third trip to tokyo and i have more stuff in my archives.

8 days in tokyo? you are going to have so much fun!

yup, more reviews coming up!