Tuesday, November 24

Le Jardin Bleu by Chef Hukuda Masayuki, Tokyo

I know what you must be thinking, how many pastries can one person in a week?!

Too many, I admit. And this will thankfully be the last post on pastries. In Tokyo, at least.

The one patisserie that I wanted to try out was Pastisserie at Takashimaya Times Square. Whenever I descended into the food basement (which was pretty darn often), I would be greeted by perfectly-coiffed pastries sitting pretty in their glass cases. But until recently, I've never approached the glass cases with enough stomach room and the bar counter seats were usually fully occupied.

One morning – still full from last night’s dinner at Mizutani – we wandered into Takashimaya Times Square and scored ourselves a couple of pastries and seats. Turns out the Pastisserie showcases several well-known patissiers on a rotation basis. There were at least six patissiers and forty over pastries to choose from and we picked two by Le Jardin Bleu by Chef Hukuda Masayuki.

Why hello, my pretties.


Turns out the Patisserie showcases several well-known pastissiers on a rotation basis. Though there were at least six patissiers and forty over pastries to choose from, we picked two by Le Jardin Bleu by Chef Hukuda Masayuki.


More than a shell, the sable-like tart bottom provided a buttery base for fruit confiture, custard and mixed berried.


The mixed berries custard tart. The tart shell reminded me of a butter sable and had been smeared with some fruit confiture. The custard within was not Toshi Yoroshiku-light but I couldn't complain.


Walnut bits and coffee mousse, covered in rich chocolate glaze, accented with disturbingly-good walnut toffee brittle and a coffee macaron. Gorgeous.

Simple but strong flavours and exquisite technique, they were truly timeless desserts.

Patisserie Takashimaya
Takashimaya Times Square
5-24-2 Sendagaya
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


ratatouille said...

di u manage to visit Pierre Herme boutique in tokyo?

Cavalock said...

great post as usual! i used to spend entire days at takashimaya times sq. u got tokyu hands, kino, taka, HMV and all those food joints on the top floor (for lunch) n then grab dinner at the basement to eat back in the hotel. <^;^>

yixiaooo said...

yeah we bought macarons from Pierre Herme ;)

one can spend the entire day in taka.

Cavalock said...

Pierre Herme macaroons is at Isetan rite? or do they now have one at Taka?

saw yr post, drop me a line if u want one of the phone straps!

ratatouille said...

PH has a stand alone shop at Aoyama (Omotesando Stn). Dining in there is absolutely awesome.