Wednesday, September 23

Weekend #36

Matches made in weekend heaven

Peanut butter + bananas
Fried egg + kecap manis
Girlfriends + Sunday brunch

Clo wants me to tell you guys, there was too little yogurt! We had to ask for refills twice but they did gave it to us graciously.



I celebrated my surprised birthday brunch at Prive Bakery with the girls. Surprised because I didn't expect to celebrate a birthday brunch a month after my birthday. Past tense because Pau divulged the surprise in the days leading up to the meet-up. Nonethless, it was great (rhymes with ate) meeting up with you guys.

Prive Bakery Cafe
2 Keppel Bay Vista
Marina at Keppel Bay
Tel: 6776 0777


the zee said...

"you're too good to be true
can't take my eyes off you"

-sings to those scrumptious looking fries next to the sunny side up egg-


yixiaooo said...

funny, babe.

Clowie said...

DId i really ask you to spill that they were skimming on yogurt? OOOppps. Actually my resolution for 2010 is to manage expectations when it comes to food and service in Singapore.