Monday, September 28

My long weekend in Ho Chi Minh City


In a cashew nutshell, Ho Chi Minh City was great.

Sightseeing-wise, you could be done in day (we managed to do Cu Chi Tunnels and the city tour within a day). There were many galleries that I could visit for Dream House 2015 though I think Vietnamese art requires an acquired taste... And even more cafes to escape from the mother-honking traffic.

Before you shoot me with, Did you try …? questions, I’ll tell you what I didn’t have time for. Street food such as pho, banh xeo, and banh mi, Quan An Ngon, Pho 24 and Le Bordeaux.

Are you pho real?


Well, we were only there for two and a half days and if you take away the time needed to sightsee, brave the chaotic motorcycle traffic (treacherous, I say), get our afternoon Vietnamese coffee / cake fix … there really wasn’t much time to banh it out.

But anyway, we ate enough good stuff to not miss the street food, so here’s the role call for the upcoming posts:
Le Caprice
Song Ngu
Au Parc
Park Lounge
Phu Xuan

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Anonymous said...

ooh, fanny! I was there for their icecream buffet and it was a madhouse.