Monday, August 24

Dark day at Canele

That is what happens when 9 out of 10 times, you preach commitment and loyalty, ordering “your usual” … and the only 1 time you decide to “try something new,” you take a bite and think to yourself, I iz Moron.

After dinner, we had dessert at Canele, Robertson Quay, throwing all out all chocolate, praline, hazelnut, caramel, gateau - only options.


Barcelona, an almond chocolate sponge layered with orange caramel and dark chocolate orange mousse, topped with a chocolate macaron and blood orange jelly.

Never one to like fruits infused in chocolate, I was hoping to be “pleasantly surprised” but charmed I was not.


Exotique, a passion fruit banana sorbet with chocolate almond cookie (you’re not a crumble!) and dark sinister chocolate shards.

Sad. To me, Exotique would have flown if the passion fruit had be paired with white chocolate – the pushover in the chocolate world, the “Doug” of the Talking Dog pack; otherwise, there’s too much of a conflict.

My dear Nogautine, I shall never cheat on you again.

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Camemberu said...

NOTHING beats the Nougatine!!! Canele does have a few creations that totally bomb - each one makes me sorry for being adventurous!