Wednesday, July 22

Kazu Sumiyaki Restaurant, Cuppage Plaza

I've been frequenting Cuppage Plaza alot these last couple of weeks. It's charming in a I choose not to patake in the Orchard Road rejuvenation scheme, where very restaurant feels like a trapdoor to somewhere clandestine.

Follow your inner Shinjuku Alice and wander into this Wonder-CubbyHole-Land where Tweedledees and Tweedledums greet you with, Irrshimase!

The latest place (well at least when I was writing this post) we visited was Kazu Sumiyaki Restaurant. The restaurant filled up quickly on a Tuesday night, and a blurry of activity and dishes followed.


The kurobuta pork cheek above epitomized the quality of the yaki we had that evening - smokey, slightyly charred on the outside but soft, still-pinkish within.

Other dishes we had - fatty pork jaw, pork belly, scallops, enoki wagyu, beef with cheese, pork & asparagus, pork with apple, duck stick etc - were memorable in my sumiyaki memory bank.


If I were a sumiyaki otaku, I would make weekly pilgrammages here.

Oh, and did you say you were in a rush? Hmm then it's probably not a good idea to come here. Not to say service is slow, just laidback - in true Cuppage Plaza style.

Kazu Sumiyaki Restaurant
5 Koek Road
#04-05 Cuppage Plaza
Tel: 6734 2492


David Koh said...

Oh man been wanting to go there for the longest time! I read somewhere that they serve horse meat!?!?

yixiaooo said...

horse meat we didn't try but kazu you should.

David Koh said...

Are you trying to speak like Yoda!?!?!

yixiaooo said...

if by yoda, you mean oddly disjuncted but wise-cracking, then yes. haha