Monday, January 26

Matsuo, Goldhill

Here is a chirashi bento that needs no introduction.


Matsuo's chirashi bento is regarded by many as a cure for Monday blues and celebratory treat for TGIFs.

Despite consisting of many items like maguro, salmon, kampachi, amaebi, boiled prawn, unagi, hotate, tako, a spooful of tobiko and tamago, I felt noticebly unexcited when it was placed in front of me.

The scrappy pieces strewn untidy over sub-average rice felt like kitty litter to me. To me, the chef was more interested in churning out as many bentos as his slice-flick-serve skills could take him.

The smooth-as-chartreuse-silk chawanmushi did make my heart a little loopy. Surprisingly, the typical devil-may-care service was pretty good, palatable even.


The Mao Shan Wang ice cream from Udders would make anyone go, D Twenty-Fwoar! A bite of which immediately evoked the image of a single fleshy seed in my head; the rich bittersweet kind, with colour that would put any sunset to shame.

Matsuo Sushi
1 Goldhill Plaza
#01-17 Goldhill Plaza
Tel: 6356 2603

U.d.d.e.r.s Ice Cream

155 Thomson Road
Goldhill Shopping Centre


Anonymous said...

Hello! Sorry random comment but I thought I'd point out that Matsuo's Chirashi is MUCH better presented at dinner (or as long as it's not the lunch set chirashi).

The raw stuff is served separately on a plate while the cooked items are served over the rice, so that even if you take your time eating it, the raw fish doesn't get warm at all. It's one of my favourite chirashis in town so I had to comment :)

Anne said...

I agree. Matsuo's sushi is one of the best in Singapore, and I love the fact that the chirashi is always packed with the freshest fish and ingredients. :)