Monday, December 1

Tai Cheong Bakery, Hong Kong

The words "Tai Cheong Bakery" and "egg tart" never fail to appear within the same sentence. Tai Cheong Bakery's famous egg tart was nicknamed "Fat Patten's Egg Tart" as "Fat Patten" was the ex-British Governor's nickname in Cantonese. How very unflattering.


Anyway I found the hoopla over the egg tart overdone and it basically receiving too much unnecessary attention. Thus I got the BBQ pork pastry (chaw siew pastry) instead because I love char siew pastry and an oversized char siew pastry seemed like a befitting mid-afternoon tea snack.


As soon as I bit into the "pastry", the shell crumbled effortlessly, reduced to a buttery guminess that almost brought a tear to my eye. It was no ordinary pastry, more like a Char Siew Crumble! If you love crumble, especially the ridiculously buttery kind, you need to get one of this.

Tai Cheong Bakery
35 Lyndhurst Terrace


Joyz said...

Hey, when I was in HK last year, I went to Tai Cheong to specially try their egg tarts...all the way there and it wasn't as exciting as I thought. I mean it tasted pretty normal...I had good egg tarts from a particular stall in Chinatown in Singapore...maybe I was expecting a lot more. Anyway, enjoy HK!! All the yummy dimsum on a leisurely morning, followed by shopping...

Foodies Queen said...

Haha...I was in HK a few times but everytime I can't find the shop and in the end, I bought pastries and egg tarts from other shops I saw and they were nice too. Dunno how were they compared to Tai Cheong's. LOL*

yixiaooo said...

hey Joyza and Foodies Queen, I must say I don't see the hype too. Anyway I've read good stuff about Kam Fung Restaurant at Spring Garden Lane, Wan Chai. Maybe you guys could check it out when you are in HK.

alicia said...

I totally loved the egg tarts from Tai Cheong and inhaled one on the spot and brought the second tart back to spore.

The filling is wobbly, rich and sweet and the short pastry is to die to. I don't like the flaky pastry which is more common and only like short pastry.

P. Chong said...

was just visiting HKG over the weekend, and had these egg tarts. I must say, I agree with alicia...the egg tarts are absolutely divine. wobbly filling, piping hot, rich, sweet. I kinda like the flaky pastry...reminds me of crushed cookies.

yixiaooo said...

"crushed cookies" - i like the sound of that!