Thursday, November 13

High Tea at Royal Copenhagen Tea Lounge, Takashimaya

"Speaking of bad decisions, America's going to vote soon ... "

- Gerald, who was last seen at Iggy's oohing over his Wagyu burger.

Obviously you can see how backdated this post is as we didn't know who had won the elections yet. As soon as I heard that, I burst out laughing before launching into a what's-up-with-McCain-Palin debacle with Gerald.


It was great catching up with say-it-like-it-is Gerald, who would soon to leave our shores to pursue a Master's Program at NYU.

Gerald's more of a romantic than I am so he chose Royal Copenhagen Tea Lounge for the "lovely flowers on the China". I'm guessing between the both of us, he has a higher chance of becoming a tai tai. We went for the Royal Copenhagen High Tea set that consisted of 2 open-faced sandwiches, 2 scones, 2 slices of cakes and 2 cups of tea or coffee.


Calling them "2 open-faced sandwiches" is such a misnomer because the sandwiches were really tiny; in fact, they were more like huge canapes -dum dum dum-I got over them quickly literally and figuratively since I was here for the sweet and butter-filled anyway.



It was a good thing they served the scones after the sandwiches huge canapes because lukewarm scones are apPALINg. The darling warmed scones were served with cream, our choice of jam (in this case, we chose Rosehip Apple) and butter curls. Soft chewy butter biscuits that break open with minimal crumbling - great because I hate losing crumbs to plates.


We shared a couple of cakes too, one being the cranberry cake that looked and felt like a giant marzipan slice but tasted 10 000 times better than the offending almond paste.


I liked the orange cake too. A dependable butter pound cake replete with the warm scent of oranges.

The one thing we didn't like was the 2-prong cake fork, which made it flipping difficult / impossible to pick up cake crumbs! Here's a tip: press the fork against the crumbs to pick them up. Think of sleazy desperadoes and Pretty Young Things while you are at it.


ice said...

I love good pound cakes! Is this really nice? Just wondering why you chose pound cake instead of the usual cream or chocolate cakes haha.

I like the open face sandwiches though. The bigger ones...

yixiaooo said...

hey ice, they aren't oh-my-gawd fantastic but not horrendous either. haha.. chose it because it was citrus =)