Thursday, October 30

Sceonds at Wasabi Tei, Far East Plaza

The three slices of watermelon never looked better.

They did, after all, signal the end of a Japanese meal and our long long wait at Wasabi Tei.

It really was outrageous! On Saturday, Yang and I thought we wore the Kiasuism Badge loud and proud when we reached Wasabi Tei at 5:10pm. To our shock and horror, we found a freakin' long queue, complete with a family of SIX, in front of us. By 5:40pm, the first batch went in and the rest of us waited and waited...

"I see watermelon being served! I think some people are finishing their meal soon" exclaimed Yang.



Total wait time: Two hours

Casualties: Numerous

I'm referring to the fish of course. The mixed sashimi final headcount was twenty show-stopping pieces of salmon, meikajiki, tuna, tako and hotate.


The fresh plump slices posed as our congratulatory handshake. "Congrats for making this far!"

I love sashimi. Except maguro which I only take (if given) to remind myself of how much I dislike it.


I know it may not possible but we did have a BLAH dish: the futomaki, which had crabstick, cucumber, beancurd skin and fish floss.


The chawanmushi was generously filled with enoki, chicken and prawn. It was still pretty darn hot when served. A silver of chawanmushi slipped off the teaspoon and landed on my palm, causing third-degree burns. For that 15 seconds, I sat in silence / agony, not daring to attract any attention lest I get thrown out.

Sigh, the things I do for food.


The unagi nigiri was sensational. The grilled eel just collapsed over the tiny mould of rice as if to say, 'I've done my best. I'm going to take a rest now. Please enjoy me".



We literally dug into the kabuto shioyaki (grilled samon head) dissecting the head apart with our chopsticks and fingers. The remarkably sadistic-looking head would have been pretty good had it not been for the bitter-bitter cancer-alert skin.

I must say we did of good job of cleaning out the fish, leaving behind a tiny pile of bones and the I'm-not-touching-it eyeball. Eyeball. Just one because it was half a head.

My second trip to Wasabi Tei was still as good though the blarrrdy two hour wait did de-romanticize the experience. Next time I will give out blood donor forms to everyone in the queue and watch them run...


Sidenote: Yay! Obnoxious Gazillionaire Joe Bennett is back on Lipstick Jungle. Wasn't buying the whole Rodrigo The Contractor / Single Dad deal. Eck.


Foodies Queen said...

The charred unagi looks so "iillll", not tempting at all. Haha.

yixiaooo said...

it was still as good. it looks bunrt but didn't taste so. =)

Joyz said...

btw Yixiao, what time does this shop actually opens? I'm thinking of queuing up from 4.30pm onwards for my debut visit that too much? Haha...

yixiaooo said...

hey joyz, wasabi tei opens at 5.30pm ... 4.30pm should guarantee you a spot. haha