Sunday, October 19

Amande, Tangs Plaza Marketplace

It was an impulse buy. I was just minding my own business when the array of Kiddy Wonderland Pop Colours caught my attention. Having read about this heartland patisserie, I was pretty excited to see an Amande kiosk at Tangs Plaza Marketplace.


I didn't get the pre-packed box of 6 as they had rather hum-drum flavours. Thus, I picked my very own box of 6, consisting of hazelnut, strawberry, chocolate and mint, lemon, cheese and mango.


Sadly, they fell short of expectations. The fail-proof hazelnut and strawberry was shockingly bland and if you had blind-folded me, I wouldn't be able to tell what I was tasting. The savoury cheese, though interesting, needed a kick in the flavour department too.

Out of the 6, only the chocolate and mint and lemon were truly distinguishable.


Also what I found quite disturbing was the unnatural bright food colourings such as turquoise-blue for blueberry and neon green for lemon. This defnitely wasn't my best experience with macarons.

Maybe my tastebuds are acting up from too much sushi. Hmmm... what do you guys think?


ladyironchef said...

does amande even consider as a patisserie? more like a store/kiosk? but how much is the macarons?

Stef said...

I say stay away from them and stick to the ones from Canele woman!
Even the ones from Bakerzin are now extremely blah...

That being said, the ones from Carousel at Royal Plaza on Scotts isn't too bad! Could give Canele a run for their money....try it if you can! =)

the hungry cow said...

Them macarons look garishly garish. Im with u on the colours here.

yixiaooo said...

hey brad, they have the patisserie/bakery at toa payoh.. at tangs, it's just a kiosk. a macaroon is about $1.20.

stef, i feel the same way too about bakerzin! thanks for alerting me to carousel. =)

leroy, especially those stabilo-highlighter-coloured ones!

ice said...

Stabilo-highlighter...yixiao you just crack me up haha. Btw, the aunties at the Tang's counter always look bored.

lihong said...

have you visited the outlet at Toa Payoh Hub? It sells cookies, cakes, tartlets and "stocks" (bread-cake concoctions. they're not bad!