Wednesday, July 23

Selfridges, London

There aren’t that many must-return eateries in London because you can get just about anything from the rest of the world. For instance, I didn’t even return Four Seasons for their roasted duck rice because I’m sure if I look hard enough I can find kickass roasted duck rice in Singapore- although I must say, I’m never “in the mood” for duck rice in Singapore. That being said, the salt beef sandwich at Selfridges has been post-it-ed, bookmarked as a “yes go” in my to-do list.

The place is a lot roomier than before and the sitting area is considerably more comfortable. Somehow back then when I had to balance my bag on my lap and my butt on the high stool, while making sure my shopping bags was still around, the kookily perilous experience had seemed more memorable.

Yet with more comfortable seats, there was less reason to rush through the meal. At The Brass Rail, they serve both regular salt beef and tongue. I exercised the ‘how often do you often tongue’ logic and settled for a regular tongue sandwich with rosemary bread, instead of the regular rye.

a half sandwich

The sandwich had an optional dash of mustard within, which I highly recommend because it takes the salt beef from ‘downright salty’ to ‘downright salty with a twang’… and we are all about multitude of flavors right?

When we sat down to eat, I realized everyone around me (including 6 feet tall men) had the half portions. Very embarrassing. Hey then again, I need a proper regular sandwich for the memories to last me months, if not years!


It was fantastic. Chewing through the heartachingly-soft tongue slabs, I could almost imagine myself bouncing on tongue mattresses in slow motion as Oompa-Loompas sang hymms around me. Don’t ask me why but salt beef tongue does to me what magic mushrooms does with most people.

Mmm. Kids, stay away from drugs.

Brass Rail - Salt Beef Bar
Selfridges Foodhall
Ground Floor

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