Wednesday, July 30

Saybons, Plaza Singapura

I finally caught the much-hyped-about The Dark Knight after reading about Heath Ledger's golden-naked-man-worthy performance and how the movie smashed box offices around the world despite the recession.

It was a long movie, not exactly draggy, just 'when is the bad guy ever going to die huh?' I haven't caught Batman Begins so the whole Batman-Desperately-Needs-Lozenges voice box was lost on me. Naturally Batman the movie has come a long way since the days of highly-embarrassing Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze days to olden versions of Michelle Pfeiffer's stunning portrayal of Catwoman and of course, the Original Joker Jack Nicholson.

One thing's for sure though. Christian Bale / Bruce Wayne was hauuute. This is going to make me sound like a 12 year old with a crush on a Backstreet Boy (a piece of history which should henceforth remain buried and forgotten)... but the sight of Christian-Bruce-whoever in a freshly-pressed suit was enough to make me sign some 'Be Mine XOXO' petition.

Cannot. Take. It.

Breathe... Breathe. I mean this is so unfair right? He's human too so why did 99% of the male population miss out on his god-given goodies (did I just type that...)? I'm starting to understand how guys feel after seeing Giselle Bunchen in a Victoria's Secret spread.

Moving onto other hot stuff...Soup.

French techniques.
French tradition.
French cuisine.

Gee it's just soup?

Thank goodness, some people think otherwise!

Diana and I both love soup; back at SMU, Soup Spoon was our regular haunt. I even managed to complete one of those Soupaholic cards!

Once the 12th stamp has been chopped, souperholic will be entitled to a free grande soup of choice.


However now I'm stuck at Dhoby Gaut for my internship so Diana and I decided to do lunch at Saybons, Plaza Singapura.


As the poor girl was recovering from her flu, the Vitamin-A-and-C filled Broccoli & Cheddar Soup served her well, and she had Garlic Herb Butter Bread to go with her soup.


I, on the other claw, had the Seafood Bisque. which was paunchy, briny but sweet. I paired my bisque with Sundried Tomato Butter; it was an odd pairing (seafood and sundried tomatoes?) that worked.


Well the selection at Saybons is not as mind-boggling as Soup Spoon's but at least they toasted their pre-buttered bread. Oh yeah, I mean this in the nicest possible manner but doesn't the owner of Saybons look a helluva like Popeye's Olive Oyl?


the zee said...

firstly, am i the only one who finds batman's husky voice damnnnn sexy? *shrinks in embarrassment* i actually preferred him in the batsuit compared to actual clothes! oh so macho *swoon*

secondly, i tried the saybons seafood bisque n quite liked it too :)

yixiaooo said...

zee, i almost fell off my chair laughing when i read your comment.

one question: how can you find him hot in his batsuit when all you can see is his chinny-chin-chin?

but i see a pattern: husky voice and roleplay...

aye, you are surprisingly kinky arh...

Anonymous said...

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