Friday, July 11

Paradis Gelato, Copenhagen

Two years ago, the Frederiksberg neighborhood welcomed Spring in Copenhagen with the opening of Paradis Gelato. I became an addict, with constant cravings for their freshly-made gelato and I wasn’t even a chilly-cream-ball fan. What an irony for it was almost as if I celebrated the warming of seasons by chilling my insides.

We strolled by Paradis on Vesterbro but reeling from our Sunday brunch, we made a pact to return the next day. I had my unroving eye on Skilpadde, which was made with Toms Skildpadde chocolates, a Danish chocolate with a creamy rum caramel filling. Sing it, Deborah Harry!

One way or another I'm gonna find ya
I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha

On Monday, we lugged back to the same Vesterbro outlet and to my bad-haircut-horror, the flavour ‘Skildpadde’ was nowhere to be found! On the surface, I was cool as gelato but inside, I was in distress, “How can that be?! You had it yesterday and the tub was only half empty (or half full) but whichever way you see it, it should still be around the next day!”


Alone, I might have trugged up to their Frederiksberg just to track it down but I think my sister would have disowned me on the spot. As any relationship counselor would advice, I had to “move on”. I had Bacio (chocolate and hazelnut gelato) and Basil. Surprisingly, chocolate and herb make a good duo. Ha, who knew?

Now I do.

This article from International Herald Tribune describes it best, “sinfully indulgent... soft-serve, silky feel in the mouth”

She's smiling now

I’m quite sure some would find this gelato good but not exactly raveworthy (I can see my sister nodding). Remember, this to me isn’t just milk and sugar but Spring served on a cone. These two scoops of gelato coupled with the memories have me committed not to love but to a mental institution.


Ice cream and gelato unleashes my inner camera whore. With a cone in my hand, I feel entitled to be silly. What a natural! Not. I apologize for that trying-hard-to-be-sexy look. I will not be attempting to pose like that till... my next ice cream / gelato.

It would be a while before I find myself a gelato packed with so many memories but to misquote Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca

“We’ll always have Paradis”

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