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Cafe Riz Raz, Copenhagen

I think some foodies are naturally suspicious of vegetarians. Apart from health and religion reasons, there always seems to be a loophole in their logic of why they chose to go green. I mean what if scientists suddenly discover that sweet potatoes and carrots feel immense pain when they are plucked from the ground or that broccolis and cauliflowers are besieged with utter humiliation when their florets get hacked off?

Replay shark's fin video.

On a couple of occasions, I've met hardcore vegetarians who made me guilty of even letting a meatball-related thought enter my mind. I know they don't mean to but some of them, like some treehuggers and activists, do exude this I'm-Better-Than-You aura. Under such situations, I feel like a Peta activist has caught me with mink underpants.


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In Copenhagen, it isn’t easy to find affordable restaurants to dine out but I know about Riz Raz because the school took us there during our orientation. Riz Raz boasts of a ‘Mediterranean' vegetarian buffet, which includes different salads made up of and/or with feta cheese, hummus, tzatziki, garlic dressing, green dressing and garlic, lentils, pasta, onions, potatoes, beetroots, aubergines, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, corn, barley, quinoa etc.

It totally fed my recent fascination with grains. Ah, I'm so into grains right now. Sorrowfully, the grains culture hasn't caught off in Singapore yet.

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They also serve hot food, pita bread, pizza, spaghetti, lasagna with spinach and ricotta and falafel.

I went back for the lasagna many times, which is odd because I don’t normally take lasagne. I didn't touch the spagetti because it looked plain sad. The pizza was good enough- thin and cheesy, with little toppings though. Oh yes, the falafels were a-maz-ing! Falafels are crunchy balls of grounded spiced chickpeas that have been deep-fried. I ate more than my fill because I don't think I would be able find any in Singapore.=(

For the falafels alone, Riz Raz is really a peace offering between vegetarians and omnivores. Carnivores, stay far far away.

Riz Raz
Kompagnistræde 20 (4/D4)
1208 København K
Phone +45 33 15 05 75

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