Tuesday, July 1

I'm back.

But I doubt I will be updating religiously since I start my internship tomorrow (and my office is around MacDonald House/ Dhoby Gaut, JUST IN CASE you want to meet for lunch). I'll be hanging around for 6 weeks before heading back for my final term at SMU.

And now it's time for 'You've been FAQ-ed!'

1. Wait, aren't you supposed to be done with school?
Well no, because I took a term off after my exchange program to do an internship, so I doing 'payback' now.

2. Err, does this mean you are graduating half a year later than most of your peers?
Well math genius, yeap!

3. Heyyy, didn't you head to UK to attend your YOUNGER sister's graduation... so does this mean your younger sister graduated before you? Ding Ding Ding! Stay on the line, we got to get your details for the prize.

Oh yes. I took the A380. It was ok, since the hype is usually over "the suite above the rest"... but it's SIA so the service was pleasant, inflight entertainment awesome-mous and the food surprisingly good (for airplane microwaved dinner boxes). The hugeass A380 might have been a beast in the sky but the real monster materialised in the shape and form of a chubby blond 2 year old who made it her aerial mission to terrorise fellow passangers with her hourly tantrums and screeches. The word 'terrorist' could soon have a new photo identity.

*cough* July happens to be my birthday month. *cough* I won't be revealing the exact date but I'm open to presents at any time of the month... year... and lifetime. Hey if you want to wish me Happy Birthday in December, go ahead- just don't lump my Christmas gift and birthday present together. Haha.

Anyway I'll update soon. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe over the weekend.

(Poor attempt at trying to sound mysterious)

Stay tuned.

UPDATE (4TH July): I need lunch recommendations urgently. Ok maybe not urgent-urgently but I don't think I can live on Subway or Saybons for 6 weeks. If you have any suggestions that fit the 3 criterias below, do drop me a line?
1. Around Dhoby Gaut
2. About $4-$8 per person
3. Thanks but preferably no food courts or hawker centres


p. said...

melbourne bratwurst cafe at ps basement for their coffee and sauages. used to be a fair bit better but it's still decent enough.

yixiaooo said...

i just tried their rosemary chicken sanwich and it was great! thanks for the suggestion.

ladyironchef said...

haha, try all the food at ps basement. lol