Saturday, July 5


Before we begin

I know the food blogging community and non-food bloggers usually get their knickers in a twist when Chubby Hubby blogs about somewhere new. I'm usually quite indifferent to most places but White Rabbit looks very very interesting.

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All this while, I feel like I have been carrying the torch for Copenhagen. Two years again, it was a life devoid of the finer material things in life but full of hope and the feeling of "anything was possible". Though it wasn’t love at first sight, I did eventually fall in love with the city and after a brief 6 months affair, I left that life behind and rejoined Singapore's corporate congo line.

Things were off to a bumpy start. We took the 7am flight from London Stanstead, which meant sleeping at the airport the night before (well barely since I had to watch our bags) and suffering from any possible aches in the back and legs.

Upon touchdown, it wasn’t exactly war-hero-returns-home-and-collasps-into-the-warm-embrace-of-pining-lover too. At times, it was too chilly to feel anything else as the wind and cold pierced through my trench coat in sporadic bouts. However, when the sky cleared up and the sun shone briefly, it wasn’t difficult to get all sentimental again.

It’s not a foodie town too, as my sister can definitely testify to it. Ham, sausages and gelatos later, I think she was ready to call it quits. I didn’t have much of a problem since I basically lived on pumpernickel bread and corn (and later sushi) back then; in fact, I would have just been happy with pumpernickel slices, smoked salmon and Paradis gelato.

The weather was beautilful on most days but insanely windy too. I'm looking through my pictures now and in most of them, my hair was in such a state of mess, it looked as if a drunk Cousin IT had crashed on my head after some crazy partying. We basically walked around the city centre, Vesterbro and Frederiksberg; there wasn’t enough time to visit Malmo. Oh and I finally visited The Little Mermaid.


To TLM: It was somewhat of an anti-climax meeting you, especially I’ve heard so much about you. You seemed a little forlorn too but I’m sure it can’t be much fun strapped to the rocks, entertaining busloads of tourists. By the way, that sad look of yours could really teach us a thing or two about the fickle-mindedness of men. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Disney totally misconstrued your story and gave it a ‘happily ever after’ ending. You have my condolences.

We stalked an old lady and her pug. Er, it sounds worse in print but we just couldn’t resist tailing the cute-as-hell pug and we even took a video. Sex tapes are so er, last Hollywood flop?

If you were thinking, "this blog is getting from bad to worse! First she doesn't update as often, next she makes me watch a 45 second video of a pug's butt"... Aww, don’t be such a surly sop. Here's the pup.


Now isn’t that a face that would make you go, "ooo... let me huggg youuu, kissss youu..."

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