Friday, December 2

pea from asia.
today i knowingly played the role of a customer who was 'psychoed' into buying a jacket.

i know it makes the shopping outlet (people of asia) sound like blood-sucking minks but nonono, this is obviously not the case as the saleslady was just being very friendly and well, noone actually gun-pointed me to get the jacket.

it went like this- after a maddeningly unsatisfying lunch at my mum's (better that your mum) cuisine, i decided to walk off lunch by stroll- *zip-zip fast forward zip-zip* people of asia and picked out a high-collar navy blue jackieo-looking peacoat. the saleslady (wise beyond her thirtish years) then came over to 'assist' me and we starting chatting about how unique (yea!) and eye catching (wow!) it was.. then she went on to say her sister has it in black and people actually come up to her to ask if it is from overseas (just watch the screws in my mind turn) and ohmalley-ohmalley! the price quoted is actually faulted because the management accidentally under-priced it and since some customers have already bought it, they could not lower the price ..

and i looked at her and said, "do you have a new piece?"

@#$#^%&^**(%^$#@.. i can't believe i was actually gullible enough to be taken in by her.. of course i adore the jacket but i cannot get over the fact that she had used every old tatic in the book and I actually FELL FOR IT... i mean i have worked as a salesgirl, i SHOULD be able to suss out the vibes right?? unbeliveable. i even walked out of the store thinking, she's one helluva salesperson.

oh well, at least i found a peacoat.

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