Thursday, December 1

cheer up wai.. this is for you!

domestic goodness.

Dear one-small*,

It's me, Chapsomebong* again!

Thank you very much for your e-mail!

Further to your inquiry about "THAI CULINARY COURSE IN CHIANG MAI" on 4th - 11th January 2006, I am pleased to inform you that is still available in this time but I do not hold and place for you group.

If you are ready to book this trip, please fill out your information by click "Book here Now" button at the link below:*

In the meantime, should you have any inquiry or difficult way to make the reservation, please feel free to contact me.

Cyberly yours,
your online agent at... , where visitors become friends

the subtly broken english from a thai sounds awfully cute. doesn't it?

* Names Have Been Changed To Protect The Excited

oh my, i am so terribly excited about my chiang mai trip next january. it will be a cooking vacation, now how uncommon is that?! haha.. i have even enclosed a link for you guys, just in case you are interested! and the people over at are extremely helpful and willing, you even get to correspond with your own online agent..

i will be gone from 4th-11th jan so don't worry for i will be back for respective birthdays..

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