Saturday, December 3

Hong Yuen / My Mum's Cuisine

hong yuen and MMBTYMC.

the start of another month marks a new visit to hong yuen, chinese restaurant. why? simply because their special monthly promotions are always a draw and for december, they are featuring the LoBster -done anyway you want it.

so in reminenience of royal china in london, we decided of lobster noodle. unfortunately, we made a mistake of ordeing ee-fu noodles instead of crispy ee-mee.. and between you and i, Family no like noodles that are often best left ignored at wedding dinners. but despite, the sheer grossterity during wedding dinners, the ee-fu noodles at hong yuen were bearable- with a dap of chili and soya sauce.. but to do them justice, it was our fault that we unknowingly ordered the wrong noodle type.

a couple of appetizers- deep fried silverfish- good crunch there though dude,where'sthefish? and large intestines- which jie remarked felt like eating kway chap at a high-class restaurant.

the tofu with minced prawn dish was alright- it rightfully played the role of 'healthy dish' and the prawns were fresh with flavour.. oh yeshh, claypot rice with pork ribs steamed in black bean sauce is liciously-good! if not for the oil-factor in claypot rice, i could really live on it. everyone's favourite prawn paste chicken. herbal jelly to round up the evening.

on friday, mum and i had dinner at My Mum's Cuisine.. where i have since renamed it My Mum's Better Than Your Mum Cuisine. MMBTYMC supposedly serves familar local dishes, that hinges on that homely feeling. there were somewhat great expectations as the restaurant looked almost crowded but i, at least, was bitterly dissapointed. the ipoh horfun, which looked great but made me uneasy when the kway appeared to be stuck to one another, was devoid of salt and mum's hee peow soup was an insipid bowl of yellow waters with some carelessly thrown-in seafood that even i (a non-cooker) could have managed..

the saving grace was their ngoh hiang, which dipped in sweet sauce, was ambrosial with every bite, though clearly there weren't too many bites to be taken.

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