Friday, December 30

my burnt red bean bun.

am adoring kogepan.

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Kogepan means "Burnt Bread" in Japanese. He was made of the best bean paste ingredient, yet he was accidentally burnt in the oven. No customers wanna buy a burnt piece of bread, and that's all Kogepan want to be is to be bought. His depression drives him to many things, like smoking and drinking (Kogepan gets drunk on milk), and he often times tries to pass himself as one of the popular breads at the bakery.

-an except from kawaiigifts

Image hosted by he's so cute! i want to bring him on my travels..

but i cannot seem to be able to find him singapore..

in appreciation of a could-have-been great snack

in fact i think kogepan bears a strong resemblance to marvin the robot from 'the hitchhiker's guide.. ' whose dead-pan humour left me bent over in laguther in just about anything he said.

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like who can resist a manically depressed geometrically- symmetrical robot who talks l-i-k-e t-h-a-t??

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