Thursday, December 29


stone and aches.

yang and i woke up bright and early to catch 'the family stone' at cathy orchard. it definitely feels good to have the rather empty cinema to yourself. no inconsiderate latecomers who choose to arrive when the trailers are on. no pesky annoying beng-ish ringing tones that rings incessantly thereby irritating EVERYone but the owner who seems to have forgotten that he paid $0.70 for a download of that huang fei hong-esque tune.

alright back to the movie.. 'the family stone' was pretty good.. i would probably give it a 3.5 out of 5 as the actors (stellar cast, mind you) held up and didn't get all mushy-whooshy with the whole family/ christmas theme.. which by the way is a diaboolical way of creating a movie that reeks of weeks-old christmas meatloaf. oh! notable mentions include rachel mcadam's mean portrayal as a pesky bitchy younger sister, diane keaton's amazing photo frames collection and sarah jessica parker's uber-classic no- frills wardrobe, which left me sighing and aahing in envy.

while waiting to the cinema to open its doors, we decided to heck it and snacked on nachos with cheese, while catching previews of 2006 movies.

dip it. lick it. and smile!

question- why are popcorns getting so expensive? i was almost flabbergasted by the $6.80 we had to fork out for a large popcorn and two drinks *cough and clears throat* excuse me? no diet coke? [insert bitchy look thrown at poor unassuming 'paid-only-$4.50-an-hour' service stuff] at least the popcorn at cathy orchard was the best i have had in erm 2 weeks.

no kidding, i have had popcorn from golden village (gv), lido and cathy orchard so i kind of qualify as professor popcorn experdo. lido? two words- chuck it. literally flat out styrofoamy tasting- can't believe i used to be such a fan. ok that's more than two words. gv? decent on the top. not too crazy about the bottom which really makes me suspect if they top the top with 'good batch' and fill up the bucket with 'bad batch'. leaving the consistently coated in butter-and-sugar popcorn cathy orchard tops but beware- because just like anything under the world, quality comes with a price.

haha i am going to catch hitchhiker's guide on dvd now. till tomorrow. adieus!

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