Friday, December 30

eve of the eve.

woke up at seven to follow mum to office to settle accomodation stuff for denmark and chiang mai.

mum took half day off to visit a friend who had brought her son down for medical treatment at mount elizabeth and we ended up having lunch at 'my mum's cuisine' for convenience's sake. well, nothing's changed- food is still mediocore and service ranks top from the bottom. the fact that i didn't even bother with the camera says it all huh?

Image hosted by and this is what happens when intelligible behaviour evanesces into the shady halls of a shopping mall.

i get myself an inconceivable-looking key chain. yeah a very "what were you thinking" moment.. but he's A DOOR RA BLE.
called the 'coco man,' it was love at first fright for this crazy-looking plush toy and i.. haha..

of course, kogepan still olds a special place in my heart.. i think coco man will be my other half when i begin my euro- foray.

dooodolls galore

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