Thursday, November 3

Dino Cafe

selamat hari raya.

school on a public holiday? how utterly disrespectful!

well, when your final presentation is due on monday, you might as well take 'holidays' and 'weekends' out of your dictionary for the time-being.

but today it was a beautiful morning, cool and breezy.. created by the previous night downpour so before my meeting, Family and i headed over to dino's for brunch.

then i felt a irrepressable urge to brighten up the feeling of being in school on a publc holidays.. so i bought a walnut cake block from dino's!

Image hosted by Image hosted by

nuttily tasty with rasins and chopped walnuts- a great hit with my project mates.

Image hosted by

this is vanessa and she will be heading off to milan come next spring and there's no stopping me from visting her (and raiding the streets of milan).. *evil laughter..

hmm, i am thinking of having a small girls-only farewell party .. i am so inspired!

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