Tuesday, August 2

Don Your Personal Pie Club / Dino

the real deal.

now this entry is dedicated to good favourties of ... mine! -well, it does happen to be MY MY MY blog afterall .. so just bear with me. haha.

real deal un: hop on by to don's
-if you like your chicken pie peppery, with hulk-loads of filling
-if you like your pie crisp on the outside and 'stewy' on the inside
-should you delight in finding half an egg found in every chicken pie
-or just simply for the best-tasting chicken pie in town

it really makes my evening when my dad would drive to far east square to takeway chicken pies for dinner. i remember bringing this pie to ac once for breakfast and ade charl and i wipped up every nibble and nosh we could get our forks on. and if that is what left-overnight don chicken pie tastess, imagine what it tastes when baked fresh out of the oven!? i know it is a culinary-atrocity to dopple ketchup all over your plate (some even claim you might as well just bitch-slap the chef across his face) but but.. i lo-ve the taste of ketchup...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

the peppery aroma, gratifying goodness of wholesome filling plus sweeness of ketchup .. sigh -pure bliss.

real deal deux: from don's to dino's .. chicken pie to fried rice

coming in first for my category of "outside-food-but-tastes-like-
home-cooked-fried-rice" is dino cafe's fried rice. i frankly do not have the slightest idea on what makes this dish special except that it is every rice-lover's must-taste.. it has the sual condiments, egg, ham, luncheon meat, peas carrots and corn (which i always order without!)

i know what you thinking .. like am i out of my mind?? posting up pictures and raving goodness over this i-could-have-whipped-this-up-in-10-minutes dish. but seriously, if YOU can, call me, i will gladly like to be proven wrong~

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by the way, their chicken pie comes in a close second! and in fact, with all its toothsome desserts and savoury knick-kancks, i think i might just do a special feature on this hidden secret of mine. stay tuned!

random pictures-

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

banana scones i baked.

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