Monday, August 1

and she goes bum bum bum.

first day of my summer holidays!
freedom smells sweet.
i really hope i do not get bored of my half-wits and start getting paranoia over just about anything.

my weekend in a nutshell, i baked, attended my first indian-muslim wedding, stepped into the new city campus and had a steamboat dinner for my friends.

too lazy too blog. i had fun. see ya!

i know this sounds remarkably unbelievable but i think being twenty really makes you feel and think differently- like almost as if i have found a surge of can't-be-botheredness. i think i am more wary of people. less careful of what to say. less likely to travel on guilt trips. i am beginning to see people in a clearer light. i am definately not going to suffer fool for your pseudo-niceties. and i think i am beginning to appreciate those who truly deserve a good break.

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