Wednesday, August 3

Olive Tree Restaurant Hotel Intercontinental

no wonder popeye loves olive.

pastry fans- *danger* up ahead. do not scroll down on an empty stomach!

after a couple of hours at arab street, yang and i popped on by to the olive tree resturant, which is located at hotel intercontinential for some not-very-simply high tea. the array of cakes and pastries was mind-boggling .. fancy-frenchy sounding and quite the unexpected.

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while yang had her heart set on the fruit tartlet (which was high on the cute factor), i could not decided between the royale (chocolate and hazelnut) and the cappucino cheesecake ... "opera" (another french-sounding chocolate dessert) .. banana almond tart .. and apple crumble ... and mango creme brulee

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choices choices choices

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finally, i decided to switch to 'adventure' mode and ordered a 'nutcracker' which was basically soft chocolate cake with a neat layer of pistachio sitting on it. yum!

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be tickled senseless by the exotic fruit tartlets (in butter or chocolate bases), creamy decadent eclairs and mango creme brulee.

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it was a pity there were only two of us or we could have given our tastebuds a real deal but i am definitely making it a mental note to try out the mango creme brulee. the thing about being a wannabe- domestic-goddess is that you truly admire the absoluteness in these sweet darlings. the effort gone into perfecting a slice on layered cake, the brillance of creating something unexpected such as the mango creme brulee ..

it has been a great day .. pure respite away from the hustle and bustle of peddlars and marchants .. sitting by the pastry counter, sipping peppermint tea and enjoying some well- appreciated desserts .. without a care in the world.

sidetrack: a delightfully funny book!
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