Sunday, August 7

book smart.


anyway in a desperate but cheap attempt to fulfil resolution: self-help i bought myself a book titled "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff and It's All Small Stuff" by Richard Carlson. A complilation of a hundread mini-essays that sim at reducing my uptight behaviour, i am hoping to learn something useful- something that i can put into daily practice; something that would make me apprciate MORE and grimble LESS- something that could actually hit me inthe face & go, "wake up and smell the gardenias, bitch!" yup, all that for $16.75. i told you it was cheap.

also reading 'holy cow' by sarah madonald and i am getting addicted to travel narratives. cheerios!

dad has been away in perth, kicking up his heels in the brassy greenlands of whichever golf course. don't worry, dad ... we haven't done anything you wouldn't approve of YET. muahahaha.

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