Thursday, July 28

Miss Clarity Cafe

sweet tidings.

oh gaw-! my department is actually not coming in today as they will be heading off to pulau ubin for a retreat and nobody really expects me to come in tomorrow .. which means today could be my last day!!! yayyYYYYyyyy.. happy day today!

ok here's the erm funny bit- i am actually of returning- not just tomorrow thinking part-time for them. not for anything reason other than the fact that i did enjoy my short stint here afterall. i might have been particularly snappy or moody at times but somehow i cannot find the heart to just throw down whatever i have been doing. i mean i should at least clean up the outstanding work right? tomorrow will be an extremely busy day as noone will be around. and i just got added assignments. heh heh. i guess i pretty much love having too much to do.

anyway my collegues treated me to lunch today, seeing how it was my second-last/ last day and we headed off to a really homey cafe on purvis street called miss clarity cafe. amazingly, the auntie who owns it used to sell cakes and pastries back at smu before we moved! and the best part was she recognised this regular patron- your truly and gave me a free hoho strawberry ice-cream!

then she gave me this stack of cards to give out so people, let me your ears!

MISS CLARITY CAFE is now operating along
5 Purvis Street
Tel: 6339 4803

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