Monday, July 4

summer fun.

i had an elderflower sorbet from wild hibiscus (you can find this at airport, citylink and raffles place, usually next to a polar cafe) and it was sooo delightful! refreshing, subtly sweet and easy on the tastbuds, there was no better dessert after a heavy lunch. best of all, sorbets are h-e-a-l-t-h-y.. hoho.

when the weather gets churlishly hot, you can count on this. if i had the dough, i will definately bring this to singapore!

right now, there is too much durian at home- six boxes (we unseeded them) and i feel so inspired to make durian sorbet. stay tuned. but do not hold your breath. haha.

my company's human resource manager and her assistant just went around, distributing longans- in celebration of monthly fruit day. i got a small box of about 12 longans and an inserted note, beaming about the benefits of longans. apparently, the longan is "a succulent fruit that is fragrant, sweet and extremely juicy to eat... longans are rich in potassium and low in fat and sodium ... and ensures the proper functioning of the heart"

cute. very cute indeed.

after umpteen distractionss, i finally finished 'cuban heels' last night. it climaxed on a dark tone and ended realistically which took me by surprise as i had originally thought of it as a chick-read. i will not go into the details but it is rather interesting from a neurotic point of view.

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