Wednesday, July 6


i know i will miss the excitment that revolves around the 117th ioc meeting once this finger-biting (for some) session blows over.

while i do admit that the opening ceremony yesterday failed to garner any attention away from fiona xie's coffee wok and hawker talk, the buzz surrounding city hall is such a refreshing feeling.

the men with rifles who so proudly proclaim their machoness by carrying weapons that are probably unloaded.
the numerous pools of policemen who patrol raffles city.
the smug faces of those who have the ioc pass swinging arrogantly around their necks.
not forgetting the very-probably-impossible celebrity sightings- very probably as i think i saw cathy freeman strolling about raffles city, with nothing more than two minders who were dressed just as casually.
oh, how can we forget royalty when the queen of spain is staying right next to my office building.. hmm who cares for the beckinghams when there are REAL royalties! hoho.

oh and my two cents' worth on who i hope wins the bid? clue: i am going with an underdog .. new york city! and not just because i am crazily in love with that uber-exciting city.. but i think they do require a procession/ event huge enough to kick the asses who had previously tried to bring them down.

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