Sunday, July 3

one on one.

an article in this month's herworld caught my eye. for lack of better use of words, i felt 'explained' through this article. though the differences between the original writer and myself are positively in-your-mascara glaring, i.e. her- vp of bank, i- no idea on what i want to do in the future; she forty, i- soon to be half her age.. i felt relieved that somebody esle feels the same towards her single-status.

in a way, i am quite tired of explaining or justifying why i am still not attached. i am not jinxing myself but i do not see myself meeting my equal (and i am only asking for my equal... ?!) in school or just about anywhere. and i do not think i am being overly-snobbish as i am talking about ambition, goals, interests.. i do have guy friends but when it comes to the other half, i do find mysef cringing at the lack of 'frequency' we are on. i guess for now, i can easily dismiss my grandmother's paranoia as well, just some old follk's fear ... but in a couple of years time i might not just be as lucky.

a few quotes for those who are too lazy to read or too cheap to buy a herworld magazine.

"i love myself too much to make compromises at this stge in my life for someone's love and attention"

"i... realised we were not being fair to each other if we were just making do.. "

"it might be easier to change your ways or lower your expectations, but do you really want to, and would you be happy doing it fofr the rest of your life?"

- article featured: "you turned him down?" herworld july 2005, page 142


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