Monday, July 25

Windows on Bukit / Auntie Chiah Ming's place

nostagically yours.

last weekend, it was all about tradition- time-honored practices that stood firm through the test of time and season.

for yang's homecoming, a family friend auntie chiah ming (cm) invited us over to her house for what was affectionately known as 'white noodles'. though 'white noodles' bear a striking resemblance to 'ban mian,' auntie cm's 'white noodles' originates from the sin huat province in china and is epitome of home-cooked delectable.

how this is eaten is that a hot steaming bowl of noodle soup (consisting of chicken broth, prawns and vegetables) is first served, then you proceed to add the preferred condiments such as shredded chicken breast, fried fish, shredded omelet, ikan bilis, peanuts and even seaweed. of course, there will be sambal belachan on the side.

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it is funny how such a nondescript dish is able to evoke such strong devotion. whenever auntie cm calls my mum for just about anything, my sisters and i would always cross our fingers and hope for an invitation over to her place for some 'white noodles'.

if there were a prize for the 'most visited restaurant for birthdays' for our family, windows on bukit wins hands down.

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(l-r) a spectacular view that overlooks the golf course; a platter of aphrodisiacs awaits; fantastically-fresh sashimi

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not for the faint-hearted: i do realise this hunk of a steak might seem almost sacrilegious to the more hard-core vegans. though i have not tried lawry's or morton's, i would proclaim this still-squeaking piece of beef to be the best prime roast beef in singapore. and it gets even better when you use the yorkshire pudding to soak up every morsel of the savoury gravy.

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(l-r) a carnivore's first bite; bread&butterpudding/ strawberry mousse/ peach crumble; chocollate souffle

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beaming away.

YESTERDAY afternoon, jimmy, jie, jimmy's friend benny and i went for tea and by team i do not mean coffee at starbucks or high tea at some pish-posh hotel. we actually visited a REAL tea joint over at bugis, north bridge road called tea joy where they specialise in chinese tea leaves and the art of drinking tea.

the array of teas were pretty musch amazing too as they had about 10 different types of green tea alone .. not to mention yellow tea, black tea and even cheemalogy ones such as pu-er and oolong. phew.

it was a refreshing experience as i got a first hand account on how tea should be served. like you first had to put the tea leaves into the teapot, drain in some water, pour the first batch of tea away as a form of washing the leaves then eventually refilling the teapot and serving it to the rest.

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