Sunday, July 24

a mess of a crumble.

introducing a weapon of mass digustation- blackberry and coconut crumble.

come saturday, i tried to bake a blackberry crumble for a friend's party but it was a sheer disaster. dry, crumbly and tough, it tasted more like a prehistoric weapon than dessert.

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and i was soooo disappointed.

shaken but not stirred, i was determined to get at least something right. so i walked out to the supermarket to get cocoa powder to bake this choc-chocolate cake.

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jimmy says it reminds him of the chocolate cake from roald dahl's matilda. remember the scene where miss trunchbull forced bruce bogtrotters to finish up the cake as a form of punishment? yea, like downing a fudgilicious chocolate cake is any form of torture... haha.

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frankly, after baking this i was almost exhausted. all that breaking, cracking, measuring and whisking.. not to mention washing up.. times twice effort. i was p-o-o-p-e-d. which was why i basically fell asleep on the couch while waiting for the cake to cool.

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