Friday, July 8

Cedele Teriyaki Chicken

just musing along.

lunch took place at cedele's after i was too impatient to queue up for security check just outside thos the raffles. seriously, they would have wanted me to empty the contents of my bag and go through this metal detector.. all for a chicken pie? nah. i guess after what happened to london, you cannot exactly take security for granted.

but well, i tried something new at cedele's called teriyaki chicken sandwich.

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the sandwich tasted nothing of teriyaki chicken. perhaps in a bid to inject some originality, the chicken was minced and glazed with basil-like dressing, accompanied by tomatoes and lettuce and sandwiched between toasted walnut sourdough. you can probably tell from the pictures that the sauce covering the chicken is GREEN..

so erm, where's the teriyaki bit man? i still cannot decide if i like such avant garde creations. afterall, i was craving for a little old-fashioned salty sweet japanese sauce but credits to cedele for trying out something different.

no points for the beep who took my order though. impatient and condescending i would strewn the sandwich back at him, if not for the sweet table cleaner who took pains to make sure i had water and more than enough serviattes.

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