Monday, June 13

scatters of gloom.

forgive me for wanting to belch out micheal jackson's 'gone too soon' for the demise of the weekend is definately ballad-worthy. well, not forgetting how the combination of a flickering office light and a gossipy pantry auntie is enough to draw out the monday menance within me.

i think it is amusing how everybody is heating up dumplings in the microwave for breakfast. for the record, we have so many of the black ones at home, occupying this huge space within the fridge.. not that anyone is going to touch it, i guess. my mum and i prefer the white ones- nonya dumplings right?

yesterday i met my cheche boss at isetan and she actually asked if i wanted to work part time for her. obviously i cannot do so now due to my internship but i think i might just try out patterns at raffles city when i get of this BORing place. yup, she can be a nerve-wrecking b- at times but things look as if they are in my favour and i might just negotiate for a cushier deal... shorter work hours, 2-hr for lunch, commision... haha.. we'll see.

Image hosted by i love shopping when the money is coming out of my pocket. like you spend what you earn and nobody can question your buys. i got a new charm bracelet! it is so darn cute.. and i am all psyched about it as i have been looking so long for the 'right' one.

at least one good thing has managed to come out from the end of a weekend- CHARL IS BACK CHARL IS BACK CHARL IS-.. ok you get the picture.. but like finally! i cannot help but feel like the four of us are re-united! imagine the wondwerful wonderful pre-separation niceties we are gonna get up too- smirk. relax, i am not about to pull out my witchcraft manual and start going through the spells... btw charl if you are reading this, i called you twice!!! and i am guessing you called me while i was asleep too.. GIMME A MOBILE NUMBER TO CALL YOU! p.s. you are booked on wednesday evening haha -see tag on left.

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