Sunday, June 12


when you are pondering about life, the best companion you could possibly have beside you is a packet of ruffles original.

thinking about how 'routine' my life is kept me up in the wee hours of the morning.

these days it is just awake by 7am work home by 8pm then awake by ... and it not because i am too shagged to do anything exciting but rather too darn lazy. i have not met up with any friends in a while. i do think of it as worrying that i hardly meet up with my friends. or how comfortable i am in my own loner-space. can being by yourself ever be healthy?

even the time i shower at and the process of showering never changes! and it is scary when you just live it out on the bed and you note the hours of night pass by the weekly television programs.

nowadays, jie and jimmy, having been kept back in the office, only return home after at least 9pm.. like thank goodness, they do not have any kids and when you look at their lives, you really think 'corporate rats' yet at the same time you are envious and impressed by the high-powered world they belong to.

perhaps i should enjoy the serenity while it lasts? once year 2 starts, i could very well be praying for the holidays to arrive...

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