Monday, June 13

Marmalade Pantry Cupcakes / Toast

a cuppa cake.

if you have ANY idea how dificult it is to get hold of marmalade pantry's cupcakes -clue: they are usually out by brunch-, you will understand why i was so carried away when i found them at toast (which happens to be part of the marmalade group).

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my mum and i had them illegally over at starbucks liat towers (yes waiii..) coupled with a green tea frappucino and white decaf coffee.

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(left) chocolate deluxe
the ultimate chocolate cupcak- this was marvellous! high on the yum-quotient, my favourite of the lot. though considerably drier than the rest, the chocolate was surprisingly uncloying.

(right) cloud nine white coconut cake with cream cheese - this cupcake reminds me of the old-fashion kiddy treats where you have a pretty swirly icing on top of a plain button biscuit, as beneath the cheese layer holds tiny balls of icing.. well, i did use to pick and throw out the icing bits as a kid so this cupcake does not exactly appeal to my senses.

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(left) nutella chocolate cake with nutella frosting
- this is darr's delight.. and for cold-hard fans of nutella, darr included.

(in the middle) elvis chocolate banana cupcake with peanut butter frosting- named after the king, 'nuff said.

hey yang, would you like to be greeted with this when you return? haha..

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