Tuesday, June 14

here there everywhere.

i decided to walk off a heavy lunch at raffles place today and all i can say is COW-WA-BUNG-GA! i was aware that it was lunch time and i knew that raffles place houses countless companies and office workers but boy was i unprepared for the hordes of people around me.

the thing is that RPW (raffles place workers) looked no different than those from city hall or tanjong pagar (the closest mrt-station areas) but they walked with such ferocity and steadth, i was just trying to duck everyone on my way to caltex house. they might be half my size and no taller than a head or so but it felt as if they were determined to ram down everyone who was in their way. well, i guess you cannot exactly blame them as lunch hour in raffles place converts the area into a stiletto-trodding war zone.

i think the anatomy of a RPW during lunchtime is made up of the following actions: you have to be quick enough to get to destination: favourite eatery. crafty enough to 'chope' that table with your tissue packet or umbrella. and finally bold enough to hog that table while you relish in lunch- silently smirking at the standing late-birds.

the funny thing is you probably only get such gusto within the eateries as these sniper-wannabes suddenly turn sluggish after lunch-hour when all the energy for the day has been used up.. arh, one of life's ironies.

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