Wednesday, June 15

Coffee Bean Salmon Scramble

of life's simple pleasures.

breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. i really do not mind eating leftover food or something just as insipid for dinner but a good well-planned breakfast really does brighten up the boring work day.

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one of favourites is coffee bean's smoke salmon and egg. to keep it short, it is smoke salmon and diced omelette on a piece of foccacia layered with sour cream. yea, i know you must be thinking sour cream?! well, do not take my word for it .. go try it out for yourself.. haha

another one of life's goodies is glamour magazine. i think should i EVER get engaged or married, i will probably hand a copy of glamour magazine over to my fiancee-husband-to-be and ask him if he understands at least half of what the magazine is all about.
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whilst re-reading my old issues of glamour, i found this dove advertisment. and i think it is wonderful, not to mention inspirational. you guys can see for yourself the message the advertisment is sending out...

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