Thursday, June 23

all in a day's work.

while prospecting, i actually had to call up this head of a certain bank and after much waiting i actually got to speak to his secretary. she insisted to know why i needed her boss's email address

then i went on the tirade- "international sos is the world's largest medical and assistance provider .. you might have heard of us in the newspapers last week about a singaporean couple who was involved in a us train wreck .. and we were also involved in the mass evacuations for tsunami crisis and the bomb blast ... we also hold monthly seminars ranging from medical to security to crisis management .. basically it will an informative session- "

THEHHHH she says, "sex would be enough?"

understatedly shocked, i replied, "excuse me?"

"having sex would be enough?"

-involuntary silence-


-sigh of relief-

"oh yes, that would be great.. and your fax number is?"

... i kid you not.

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