Tuesday, April 26

girls and monday.

for lunch, ade, den and i celebrated vanessa's birthday at sanur indonesian resturant.. food was alright- considering how i had indonesian food the sat night before at tambuah mas (paragon) but the company was excellent! i also found it amusing that we ordered their signature seabass.. four girls disengaging any remotely feminine qualities to work their way through a fish? -one word: gluts. but i do feel that tambuah mas is definately more value for money so babes, remind me to take you there ok?

and as if that was not enough to break the hum-drum of office workday- darrelle and mel gave me the surprise of my life night by showing up at my doorstep unannounced! and to think i actually thought they were ice-cream peddlars.. hoho. anyway after their pain-inducing tickle-mania of a foot reflexology, we headed over to chomp chomp where they (as afternoon's guilt forbade me to eat much) indulged in satay and chicken wings.. well apart from the drinks uncle trying to bribe us with a packet of tissue paper to make up for darrelle's rancid teh peng, i absolutely loved yesterday though my tummy just doesnt quite agree..

in short, yesterday was definately funfunfunnnnn!

back to work___________

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